Achievements Unlocked!

20 Mar 2018

It's a big day on the GridCard! Achievements are now live on the site.

As more people start playing, it becomes harder to win. That makes a win all the sweeter, and opens the door to winning in other ways.

Achievements are here to help with that. Do something awesome, we'll have an achievement for you to commemorate it.

Do something not so awesome, you may just find yourself in possession of an achievement for that, so the rest of us can commemorate it!

We'll be rolling out more achievements as we continue along. 

Ready to see yours? Click on your username in the menu. 
Want to see someone else's achievements? Click on their name in the leaderboard or in the matchup view. Then click to view their career. 

Note: We are still in Beta. Don't be surprised if one day you have an achievement, and the next day it goes away. Could be we were just testing out some new rules, or it could be that we did something wrong. Consider this a blanket apology for the screw up we'll most certainly have :)

Happy Achievement Hunting!

Ace and Btninja
Makers of GridCard | Under the Mountain Software
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