Finally Over

17 Dec 2021

After the Chargers drove the ball inside the Chiefs' five-yard line for the third time without scoring points, the Chiefs returned the favor, turning the ball over on downs inside the Chargers' one. At the end of three quarters, San Diego led KC 14-13, and the Over seemed doomed. Thirty-five points later, those empty drives came back to haunt the Chargers as the Chiefs came back to win in OT 34-28--easily and belatedly toppling the Over. 

On the GridCard, the ProGrid Tour had a rare win, AK (46) beating out Annabelle (39), Teunesto (36),  MMc (35) and dangerzone (34) on the PGT, AK winning his fourth Hamlin-Hopper of the year. Dano (40) put up a TallBoy and finished second to Barry (69) for the King Kong. Game 100 featured four other Qualifying Scores:  JeepCreeper (37), Barry (35),  Kara (34), and KaitMac (32).