Find Your GridCard Team

2 Jan 2022

As of today, here's the lineup for Team GridCard. I'm willing to make changes. You're encouraged to add players to your roster at any point--which should help you win more games. Just text me their usernames to [email protected].

The ProGrid Tour: MW, MMc, dangerzone, Teunesto, AK, Ricco1947, Annabelle

Team Mac: KMac, KaitMac, BabyMac, macs detail, Offroad, keyz, Nutmeg, mac

Team Detwiler: GB55, Heart of a Hooligan, amcmayonaisse, Lim Lamb, KDet047, Kara, Mr. Jake 50

OG Gridders: Dano, jocko, kjh98, Kevin K, rico, Zeke, Go Bucs

Team Collins: Jodyann, JeepCreeper, Jeep Lover 2, KLC, btalkington, MrNick JC, EricCinTX

Team V: Butch, Winky, Jkloo, LD, Barry, dkropf, cowboy, btninja, Ace, ranvilld12

NFL Week17 Scheduled Games:

Team Mac vs Team Collins

Team Detwiler vs Team V

OG Gridders vs ProGrid Tour