GridCard is Live!

7 Sep 2018

GridCard is leaving Beta

Dear Beta GridCard Players,

As we finally kickoff football season, I want to thank everybody for playing the GridCard.
Thanks for your patience and assistance as we worked through some glitches.
Thanks for your questions and suggestions as we shaped the final product.

The GridCard has come a long way since the first of the year. In January, I made a list of must-have features: the ProGrid Tour, AutoPick, and the ability of groups to play like the pros (My PGT). Ace and btninja checked every box. And went even further—GridCard Achievements, the GC Index, Grid Conversations, Write-a-Review, Facebook and Twitter, Invite-a-Friend, Email Reminders and Leaderboard Alerts.

You accomplished all this in time for football season, working with a tech-challenged senior citizen who did little more than demonstrate a need for your latest feature—GridTutorials

Thank you, Under the Mountain Software, for creating a really cool website.

So what’s next?

Play the GridCard and invite others to play. It’s really that simple.

The site is designed to accommodate all types of players--from the PGT players who play for money to the casual fans who use AutoPick and only occasionally check the Leaderboard.

I love that everybody has the same two chances to win each week. That 50-50 odds on all the bets create an equal playing field. That AutoPick wins half the time, and you don’t have to follow sports to compete. 

Over two thousand GridCard games have been played this year, and the GridCard has given up just five perfect scores. Who will be first to score a Perfect 50 Second Game? Who—if anybody—will post a Perfect 95 White Whale

So keep earning achievements, defeating the ProGrid Tour, and climbing the Leaderboard. Keep challenging yourself on the GridCard. But know, you win just by playing--and giving yourself a rooting interest in every sporting event on TV.

I have a dream that the GridCard will revolutionize sports-betting, but I’ll settle for a few dozen people enjoying sports a little bit more with the GridCard than without it.

We’ve already come that far--so it feels like a good time to leave Beta and Go Live.


The GridCard Commissioner