No Houston No Problem

26 Oct 2019

On Wednesday, the Washington Nationals took a 2-0 lead in the World Series, trouncing the heavily-favored Houston Astros 12-3. On Thursday, the SMU Mustangs (-3) beat the Houston Cougars 34-31 to remain undefeated, the final score landing right on the Vegas line when Houston scored a late TD and two-point conversion.

The late scores torched twenty-three players and 124 GridCard points but mac (40) stayed off which helped him collect his third Hamlin-Hopper of the year. EricCinTX (36) and dkropf (36) finished second to mac's Tallboy which--combined with his (32) in the First Game--also earned him the King Kong (72). MrNickJC (35) Kimbro66 (35), Jeep Lover 2 (33), and dangerzone (31) posted the only other Qualifying Scores, all of the above leveling up against the ProGrid Tour--won yet again by Heart of a Hooligan without a QS.