The Pro Grid Tour

7 Mar 2018

Today marks the introduction of the ProGrid Tour to the GridCard. 

These players have been fighting it out offline for years, and from today forward, they are the benchmark by which the rest of the players will be measured.

Do you have what it takes to best the ProGrid Tour players? Sometime in the near future, you'll earn achievements every time you come out on top.

Want to see how you're doing against the ProGrid Tour? Click the PGT button at the top of the page. 

Need an even bigger challenge and want to see how you're doing against the entire GridCard.Club? Click on the Public button again to toggle back to the Public view. 

Either way you slice it, you still have to Pick your Teams, Beat the Spread, and Live Each Game. 

Only now you get to try and beat the Pros while you're at it!

Let us know how you like the new feature! Drop us a line at: [email protected]