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11 Oct 2019

The GridCard Index (GCI) indicates betting preferences for each GridCard game. Sometimes swimming against the current works out.

On Sunday, the Colts shocked the Chiefs. The Packers jolted the Cowboys, and the Raiders stunned the Bears in a what the GCI predicted would be a low scoring game--but wasn't. Thursday night's NFL matchup--Giants @ Patriots--went Over despite a six point GC discrepancy.

Not surprisingly then, AutoPick had a great week. LD (43) Won With Watson, his second GridCard win of the year. LD was on the wrong side of the GCI on just about everything. BabyMac (33) too Machine-Tooled her picks and finished ahead of the only other players to post Qualifying Scores: Dano (32), rookie Insane77 (32), and KMac (31).

All of the above earned WPNs for defeating the PGT as Heart of Hooligan (27) won another ProGrid Tour without a QS. Dano (63) earned the King Kong over rookie Offroad (61) on his climb to the top of the Total Point Leaderboard.