Philly Creams Cheeseheads

27 Sep 2019

Two fourth-quarter goal line stands by the Philadelphia Eagles frustrated Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers who lost 34-27 at Lambeau Field. With 9:08 left, Jimmy Graham couldn't make a fourth-down catch in the back of the endzone and with :28 to go, Nigel Bradham intercepted Rodgers at the goal line to ice the game, leaving btninja (41) King of the Mountain, his third Hamlin-Hopper of the year. GridCard Rookie Rob (41) had a chance to run down btninja, but the Packers came up short.

Both players earned WPNs with their TallBoys, beating everyone on the ProGrid Tour where Teunesto (35) won a Rollover, and Heart of a Hooligan (149) won the PGT Pigskin Major. Only three other players posted Qualifying Scores: GridCard Rookie Mattsteam (31), JeepCreeper (31) and Ricco1947 (31) who also picked up the King Kong (65) for winning the week.