Geeked Greek

5 Apr 2019

Giannis (The Greek Freak) Antetokounmpo and Joel (Hulu Has Live TV) Embiid put on a show Thursday night in the Bucks' 129-122 win over the 76ers in Philadelphia. Embiid' line included a 34-13-13 triple double, three blocks and two steals. The Freak scored 45 points, pulled down 13 rebounds, and blocked 5 shots--including Embiid in the lane with under a minute left.   

The Milwaukee victory elevated dangerzone (39) to the GridCard win, his second of the year. Currently ranked fifth in total GridCard points and carrying a .526 WWP, dangerzone edged out Big Sherm (38) who, along with dkropf (32), took home the King Kong (66) for winning the week. KMac (32), MMc (33),  and mac (34) were the only other Gridders to post Qualifying Scores and only dangerzone, Big Sherm and mac defeated the ProGrid Tour.