Missing On Purpose

31 Mar 2019

Missing a free throw on purpose is basketball's version of the Hail Mary. Not a high percentage play. That's why leading Virginia 70-67, Purdue's Matt Painter elected to foul rather than risk surrendering a game-tying 3-point shot. But the Cavalier's Ty Jerome undid the Boilermaker strategy, sinking the front end then expertly front-ending his second attempt which was batted out to Kihei Clark who fed Mamadi Diakite for the game-tying jumper at the buzzer. Virginia's subsequent 80-75 overtime win fell right on the Purdue +5 point spread and ruined 141 GridCard points.

Most of the top GridCard scorers stayed off the heavily wagered regional final, including winner ranvilld12 (44) who won for the second time in three games. The Over 126 in that game did score maximum points for ranvilld12 who edged TheDust (40).

Annabelle (34) dkropf (34), and kare-bear (34) put up big scores and also earned WPNs for defeating the ProGrid Tour. MMc (32) picked up the PGT win. Jeepcreeper (31),  Jodyann, (29). and  GB55 (29) posted Qualifying Scores.