Tommy Guns Down PGT

14 Mar 2018

The ProGrid Tour's dominance over the rest of the GridCard field lasted all of one game. Tommy (40) grabbed MMc’s First Game 45 finger-wag and bent it straight back by betting heavily on the Under in the Southland, PAC 12, and Atlantic 10 conference finals. The GCI (GridCard Index) registered an extremely high 3.52 for the Warriors game against the Timberwolves. But Tommy stood with the Wolves as they devoured 85 GridCard points when Golden State, without Stephen Curry, lost outright to Minnesota.

Tommy and rookie Fred (30) both picked up GridCard wins against the ProGrid Tour. AFED won the PGT with a 29--two points short of a Qualifying Win. Fourth Place went to mac (29), followed by dkropf (28) who deserves special mention. In his first try, dkropf won Week 10 with 69 total points for both games--the only Gridder to top the PGT--who were led by AFED with 65.