Bucks Shot

27 Mar 2021

On Wednesday, the Bucks led the Celtics by 25 points in the 3rd quarter before Boston woke up and took Milwaukee down to the wire, the Bucks hanging on 121-119 but losing ATS. On Friday, Boston carried over some momentum into the rematch and upset the Bucks 122-114, four Celtics starters--Jayson Tatum (34), Kemba Walker (21), Marcus Smart (23), and Jaylen Brown (18)--combing for 96 points.

On the GridCard, former dirt-racer kjh98 (39) fell one point shy of the TallBoy but won the GridCard, the second Hamlin-Hopper of the year for kjh98 (66) and his first King Kong. AutoPick dominated again this week with at least four of the five Qualifying Scores: Jeep Lover 2 (37), Kara (36), Barry (36) amcmayonnaise (32), and Annabelle (31). Each of these players also earned a WPN for defeating ProGrid Tour winner MW (29) who took down a Rollover Game without managing a QS.