Hey 19

29 Nov 2020

Not content with ruining Thanksgiving Day, Covid-19 had to wreck Thanksgiving Night as well, forcing the postponement of Thursday's only decent football matchup--Ravens @ Steelers. Both the Lions and Cowboys made a strong case for the NFL to break tradition and start rotating teams, losing--almost effortlessly.

Oregon @ Oregon State, however, played well as a last minute replacement. The the Cougars upset the Beavers 41-38, completing the GridCard 3-4 hours later than originally scheduled.

TechPicNic Kara (46) used three clicks to earn her fourth GridCard win of the year. Currently third in overall points, Kara  climbed to King of the Mountain when Oregon State scored three 4th quarter TDs. AutoPick put up another TallBoy for Jkloo (42), second among several high scorers, including JeepCreeper (39), Jamesfeela (39), and Ivtdhnhnp (38). Heart of a Hooligan (34) won the ProGrid Tour Rollover, and three other players posted Qualifying Scores: keyz (32), btninja (32), and MW (31).

AK (68) won the King Kong, the second time this year AK has tallied the most points for the week.