Dodgers Razed

25 Oct 2020

Randy Arozarena--whose name sounds like he should be a CMU Chippewa or at least a Mount Pleasant resident--went 3-4 with a homer and scored the winning run as the Tampa Bay Rays rallied with two outs and beat the LA Dodgers 8-7. The World Series comeback swung over 100 GridCard points across the aisle, and, when Cincinnati finished off SMU, rookie Gabrielsorgo (42) emerged the GridCard winner in his first ever GridCard game.

Eleven other players posted Qualifying Scores and picked up WPNs for defeating the ProGrid Tour which failed to earn a QS for the second game in a row: btninja (38), amcmayonnaise (37), dangerzone (36), KDet047 (36), GB55 (33), Kara (32), Winky (32), Dano (31), KLC (31), keyz (30), and  Mr. Jake 50 (30).