No Photo Finish

23 Jun 2019

Not much drama in the Sunday GridCard games. England covered the Over by themselves, scoring their third goal @ 58' against Cameroon. The Astros slapped Happ around, leading 9-0 before the Yankees extended their 26-game home run streak. And Martin Truex Jr. won the SaveMart 350 going away, beating Kyle Busch by a dozen football fields. MW (40) made it back-to-back GridCard wins with back-to-back Tallboys--86 points over his last two games. The Yankees broke the Heart of a Hooligan (36) and Truex wrecked MMc (34).

The ProGrid Tour dominated again in Gm49 which tightened up considerably from Gm48, allowing only four other Qualifying Scores: kjh98 (34), amcmayonnaise (34), csmorgan71 (31), and KMac (30).