40+ Waste Line

21 Jun 2019

Kris Bryant singled, Anthony Rizzo doubled, and Javy Baez tripled in consecutive at bats during the Cubs' six-run third against the Mets on Thursday--toppling the Over and making a GridCard winner of MW (46). The Yankees' 3-0 win over the Rays and ironically several MLB Unders earned the Hamlin-Hopper for MW who would have posted a Perfect 50 Second Game if not for a late-inning grand slam by the Dodgers Enrique Hernandez on Tuesday night.

The Cubs' big inning kept MMc (45) off the mountain top, and the Indians' Blue Duck-defeat by the Rangers wiped out macs detail (42). Tallboys by KMac (43), keyz (41) csmorgan71 (41) and Jodyann (40) were sobering experiences on a GridCard that played as loose as a maternity smock.

The ProGrid Tour finished one-two and MMc (78) took home the King Kong; however, eight other Gridders managed Qualifying Scores: Ricco1947 (37), Zeke (36), Carpet (36), dkropf (32), KLC (32), dangerzone (31), Squier (31), and Kevin K (31).