Dog Day Afternoon

26 Sep 2021

Five GridCard underdogs covered the point spread--and four of those dogs pulled off SU upsets. Baylor defended a two-point conversion to hold off Iowa State 31-29. NS State scored in OT then stuffed Clemson 27-21. Arkansas jumped on Texas A&M early and hung on 20-10, and Notre Dame pulled away from Wisconsin in the fourth quarter, winning 41-13.

Teunesto (39) and LD (39) both earned King of the Mountain in Gm77 which was dominated by TechPicNics. Teunesto picked up his first Hamlin-Hopper of the year and a much-needed ProGrid Tour victory while LD just notched his sixth KOTM of the year. 

Seven other players posted Qualifying Scores: amcmayonnaise (36), Lim Lamb (34), Mr. Jake 50 (33), BabyMac (33), jocko (30), and Jeep Lover 2 (30).