Picked Over

15 Dec 2019

The Detroit Lions' offense managed just three points in the first half against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but put up three touchdowns in the second--unfortunately for Lions' fans their last TD was a 70-yard pick-6 by Tampa's Sean Murphy-Bunting late in the fourth which toppled the Over. Minutes later, Jameis Winston added another TD pass to Breshad Perriman--son of Lion WR Brett Perriman--as the Bucs demolished Detroit 38-17.

Rookie Gridder Foxychildress (36) earned the Hamlin-Hopper--a rare first-game, first-GridCard win while JeeperCreeper (33) followed up her Gm98 win with a Gm99 runnerup, finishing dead even-ironically enough--with Jeepislander1991 (33). Ace (32) won the ProGrid Tour when the Bucs toppled the Over. Only two other players managed Qualifying Scores: TechPicNic Butch (32) and Total Points leader csmorgan71 (31).