The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

10 Jan 2020

The good news for Philadelphia--the 76ers rallied from fifteen points down Thursday night to defeat the Celtics 109-98. The bad news for Philadelphia--Joel Embiid will need surgery for a torn hand ligament and is out indefinitely. The ugly--Michigan's 84-78 double-overtime win against Purdue (+6) which burned 160 GridCard points.

When the smoke cleared, Kevin K (44) was King of the Mountain, picking up up the GridCard win, but losing a Perfect 45 Mirror, Mirror when the Wolverines and Boilermakers pushed. KK (74) also earned a King Kong for winning the week.

TechPicNics Mr. Jake 50 (37) and Butch (36) put up big scores as did rookie patsman (35) btninja (35), Annabelle (34), Kara (34) and KDet047 (34). Only two other players posted Qualifying Scores: rookies Crltics870 (31) and Rowdydog (31).  All of the above earned WPNs for defeating PGT Rollover winner Heart of a Hooligan (29).