Scorigami Scores

7 Oct 2022

The Lions' 48-45 loss to the Seahawks on Sunday was historic as well as disappointing. Because of extra points and 2-point conversions, there are plenty of possible scores that have never happened before in the NFL. Detroit's game was one of these so-called scorigamis-- the1073rd scorigami to be exact. Scorigami seem to be a Seahawks phenomenon. Not only was their Superbowl XLVIII 43-8 win a scorigami, the birds managed a scorigami every season from 2010-2018.  

On the GridCard, Kara (40) put up a TallBoy on her way to King of the Mountain. It was Kara's third KOTM of the year. A couple of pushes kept GridCard scores brutally low. Only four other players posted Qualifying Scores: Go Bucs (35), Zeke (33), ElmerGlueGun (31), and kjh98 (31). 

Points were hard to come by in Team GridCard as well--with one high-scoring exception: Team Detwiler's Top2 Kara (40) and Heart of a Hooligan (30) just edged Fictionasy 70-68.  No other scores broke 60. The OG--behind kjh98 (31) and Kevin K (27) defeated LFL 58-52. VBar got scores from Winky (30) and LD (26) to beat TMac 56-53. Despite no QS the PGT stayed unbeaten, Annabelle (30), and Ricco1947 (28) leading the way over Team Collins 58-56.

Team GridCard

GridCard Football Season


           Standings                 Record            GB


1.              PGT                          8-0                   --

2.              VBar                         6-2                   2             

3.              Team Detwiler          5-3                   3

4.              LFL                           4-4                   4                

5.              Team Collins            4-4                   4              

6.              Fictionasy                 4-4                   4

7.              OG Gridders             3-5                   5             

8.              TMac                        2-6                   6