Welcome to Indiana Football

3 Jan 2020

The Indiana Hoosiers led the Tennessee Volunteers 22-9 with under five minutes left, but the Vols capped a long drive with a TD, recovered an onside kick, and then scored again to rewrite the Hoosiers' Hollywood ending and beat Indiana 23-22. Hoosier fans gave the ending a bad review, but Hoosier bettors--getting two points--were as happy as Shooter Flatch.  

Indiana's ATS win earned ranvilld12 (37) the Hamlin-Hopper, her fifth GridCard win of the year. The King Kong went to btninja (66) who beat out ranvilld12 (63) and won the week. The only other Qualifying Scores went to four TechPicNics: Butch (36), Kara (33), Jkloo (31), and Winky (31), AutoPick once again outperforming its human counterparts. 

In a close race for 2019 Total GridCard Points, Dano (2761) edged dangerzone (2758) and MMc (2757) to win the GOTY (Gridder of the Year) when csmorgan71 (2711) pulled a hamstring and missed the last two weeks of the season, his GridCard emails buried in Spam.