Laying a Golden Egg

6 Aug 2021

Betting against the USA on GridCard Olympic contests proved profitable. Grant Holloway (-225) was a huge favorite in the 110m Hurdle, but it was Jamaica's Hansle Parchment who won the gold. Norway's Karsten Warholm and Rai Benjamin of the United States had a race for the ages, both of them smashing the 400m Hurdle World Record, but it was Warholm who broke the 46 second barrier (45.94) and earned gold. Noah Lyles (-165) and Michael Norman (-175) were also favored but came up short in the 200m and 400m respectively.

AutoPick crushed it on the GridCard--LD's (44) TallBoy beating out Butch's TB (40), LD winning for the third time this year. TechPicNics posted at least five of the seven Qualifying Scores, including Barry (39), Heart of a Hooligan (34), Ace (34), Kara (32), and dkropf (32).  All of the above defeated the ProGrid Tour where MMc won a Rollover without a QS. Barry (70) took home the King Kong for winning the week..