Sox Walk-Off

1 Aug 2021

Brian Goodwin's 371-foot walk-off homer to right settled a good old-fashioned pitching duel as the Chicago White Sox beat the Cleveland Indians 2-1 on Sunday. The Sox used five pitchers and shutdown the Tribe over the final six innings. Cal Quantrill shutout Chicago through the first six.

The walk-off completed a Man of Steal for Zeke (41) who came from way behind to earn the GridCard win, Zeke's first Hamlin-Hopper of the Year. The ProGrid Tour couldn't manage a QS and surrendered nine WPNs--as eight other players posted Qualifying Scores: GB55 (33), Winky (32), Dano (31), Barry (31), amcmayonnaise (31), Jkloo (31), Lim Lamb (30), and macs detail (29).