The British Open Preview

18 Jul 2018

Are you ready for some football? Even Canadian football? The CFL field is 10 yards longer and 15 yards wider than the NFL field. The end zones are twice as deep. Three downs to make a first down, not four. And 12 guys on the field. Look for an open-field kick because any player can kick the ball at any time. The last play in the Toronto vs Montreal game, included four kicks by four different players as Toronto tried to avoid the one-point Rouge--whatever that is. 

The First Game of the GridCard starts with MLB and features the Cardinals @ Cubs doubleheader and a Home Run prop bet. The Subway Series picks up again with the Mets visiting Yankee Stadium. And British Open prop bets fill the last three slots. Coverage starts at 7AM so get up early.

The NASCAR drivers are in New Hampshire for the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301. With the All-Star Game in the rearview mirror, the second half of MLB begins and fills out the Second Game: more Cardinals @ Cubs, Mets @ Yankees, DBacks @ Cubs, Twins @ Red Sox, all the Tiger games and more.