Conference Finals Preview

8 May 2019

The Milwaukee Bucks are the only team that has advanced to the NBA Conference Finals as of noon Thursday. Denver and Toronto can close-out Thursday night. On Friday, Golden State travels to Houston up 3-2 after winning yesterday.  This means that on Sunday there could be as many as three Game 7s--or none at all. The GridCard Commissioner has decided that the excitement generated by a Game 7 is worth some post-release tweaking so please be aware of the following:

If there is one Gm7, the GridCard plays exactly as it is.

If there are two Gm7s, the picks and points assigned to Saturday's Tigers @ Twins O/U 9.5 will transfer to Over/Under 218 on the Second Gm7 televised Sunday.

If there are three Gm7s, the picks and points assigned to Sunday's Yankees @ Rays O/U 9.5 will transfer to Over/Under 218 on the last game televised Sunday night.

And if no Gm7 is necessary, the picks and points assigned to First Gm7 O/U 218 will transfer to Sunday's Tigers @ Twins O/U 9.5 (2:10 FSD).

Sound confusing? It will all be sorted out before GridLock @ noon on Saturday. Using alternates avoids the uneven betting that happens when the Gm7s are just added in later. Your comments about this year's approach are always welcome. The GridCard is still a work in progress.

The NHL Conference Finals have been scheduled, so you'll find lots of hockey on the GridCard this week. MLB, NASCAR, and the Byron Nelson Open are also in the mix.