Kawhi Bouncer

13 May 2019

Time ran out and the buzzer sounded as Kawhi Leonard's high-bouncer danced four times on the rim then dropped in, giving the Toronto Raptors a 92-90 Gm7 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. Leonard's heroics--and his 41 points--carried Dano (42) to the GridCard win, Dano's sixth Hamlin-Hopper of the year. Heart of a Hooligan (34) needed a different Kawhi bounce to get to OT as did dangerzone (32). MMc (40) won the ProGrid Tour defeating everyone but KOTM Dano.

Eight other players posted Qualifying Scores: csmorgan71 (39), Annabelle (37), Dysonhhs (34), btninja (32), macs detail (31), GB55 (31), jocko (30), and Jodyann (30).