Fifty and Up

29 Sep 2019

Five First Game teams scored 50+ points on Saturday. Oklahoma crushed Texas Tech 55-16, TCU destroyed Kansas 51-14, and Auburn clobbered Mississippi State 56-23.  UCF trounced UConn 56-21 to help cover the Over. Alabama beat Ole Miss 59-31 but lost ATS.  Ohio State never got to 50--and although the Buckeyes easily covered against Nebraska 48-7--the Over was ruined, giving kimbro66 (35) the GridCard win, and two Hamlin-Hoppers in his first five games. In his first two weeks of play, kimbro66 is averaging .653. 

Heart of a Hooligan (33) won the ProGrid Tour over Teunesto (31). Only four other players posted Qualifying Scores: amcmayonnaise (31), Dano (30), kjh98 (29), and dangerzone (29)