Quick Whistle Blows

4 Oct 2019

The lights went out in Dowdy-Finklen Stadium with 3:36 left in the fourth and Temple (-12) leading and covering ECU 27-10. When play resumed after a long delay, the Owls appeared to have already called it a night, surrendering the backdoor-cover touchdown and an onside kick. On the game's last play, a Pirate desperation lateral was scooped up by Temple and returned for a score, covering the points and the Over in one of the most bizarre endings in GridCard history . . . except--it wasn't. The quickest whistle of the year rendered the play dead and saved ECU and the Under.

The Thursday night NFL game had six lead changes and its own final-play drama--a missed Rams' field goal--as the Seahawks prevailed 30-29 but lost ATS. 

Jodyann (36) benefitted from the quick tweet and joined dangerzone (36) as King of the Mountain. Jodyann earned her fourth Hamlin-Hopper of the year, and dangerzone his sixth as the GridCard played tough, giving up just two other Qualifying Scores: Heart of a Hooligan (35) who won another ProGrid Tour and the King Kong (68) and LD (32) who AutoPicked and finished fourth.