Great Wahl

8 Jan 2021

Tyler Wahl--who's shooting 25% from beyond the arc at home this year--hit two huge 3-pointers in Double Overtime to lead the Wisconsin Badgers to an 80-73 victory over Indiana. The Hoosiers had several chances to SU win the game. Trayce Jackson-Davis missed a layup at the end of regulation, and Indy couldn't hold a late lead in OT. 

The unlikely 2OT Badger cover ATS gave AK (45) the GridCard win. AK, who had three Hamlin-Hoppers in a Covid-shortened 2020 season, just edged out dangerzone (43) and ranvilld12 (41), whose TallBoys were light a few ounces. Seven other players posted Qualifying Scores: ranvilld12 (41), Zeke (41), Dano (35), csmorgan71 (35) KLC (34), MMc (34) and MW (31). Zeke (75) earned the King Kong.