Can't Find the Plate

6 Jul 2018

Prior to replay, there was the phantom-tag in baseball. Fifty years ago, Muhammadi Ali knocked out Sonnty Liston with a phantom-punch. And Lions fans remember a real pass interference call that led to a phantom-Wildcard Lions' loss.

But a phantom-plate of hot dogs at Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest? Strange happenings on the GridCard. How about Kyle Busch? Pushed up against the wall on the final lap of the Overton 400 by Kyle Larson, he bumped past Larson (@ 185 MPH), sending his teammate almost into the infield. How about Colombia scoring in the third minute of Stoppage Time to ruin the Under? And light-hitting Jacoby Jones launching a two-run homer in the ninth to topple the Over? Gotta love the Grid.

PensChamps2017 (38) who won the King Kong in Week 20 without a GridCard Win, collected his first career Hamlin-Hopper when the Texas @ Tigers game went over 9.5. Ace (37) was right there--one point back--but lost when Joey Chestnut easily covered the three hot dogs spread. Conversely, Chestnut's win helped kjh98 (36). He was the only other player to take down the ProGrid Tour where Heart of a Hooligan (33) edged out AFED (33) by calling more games correctly.  The King Kong went to ranvilld12 (69) who is currently ranked sixth in Career Total Points.

A total of eight players posted Qualifying Scores, including amcmayonnaise (33), Jeepcreeper (32), and macs detail (31).