Never Look Back

29 Oct 2021

A.J. Green never looked back for the pass from Kyler Murray so the game-winning touchdown became a game-winning touchback for Rasul Douglas--his interception securing the 24-21 win for the Packers over the Cardinals on TNF. The TO was a disappointing end to a 94-yard 12-play drive, following Arizona's goal line stand with three minutes left.

On the GridCard, jocko (40) hit Green Bay and the Under for his second Hamlin-Hopper of the year, jocko's TallBoy edging out Jkloo (38), btninja (37), and Kevin K (37). Annabelle (64) won the week and the King Kong. Only three other players posted Qualifying Scores: Lim Lamb (36), dkropf (34), and Jeep Lover 2 (32). No QS on the ProGrid Tour, but dangerzone earned the PGT win.