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Conference Championships Full-View

13 Mar 2020

Conference ChampionshipsMar/14/20
Big 10 Semi O/U 135*Sat1:00 CBS       
SEC Semi O/U 135*1:00 ESN       
MEAC Final O/U 135*1:00 ES2       
Houston @ NY +72:00 ABC       
AA Semi O/U 135*3:00 ES2       
Big 10 Semi O/U 135*3:30 CBS       
SEC Semi O/U 135*3:30 ESN       
St Louis @ Tampa +35:00 FS2       
AA Semi O/U 135*5:30 ES2       
Big 12 Final O/U 135*6:00 ESN       
Big East Final O/U 135*6:30 FOX       
MAC Final O/U 135*7:30 ES2       
ACC Final O/U 135*8:30 ESN       
Southland O/U 135*9:30 ES2       
PAC 12 Final O/U 135*10:30 FS1       
A10 Final O/U 135*Sun1:00 CBS       
SEC Final O/U 135*1:00 ESN       
Sun Belt Final O/U 135*2:00 ES2       
AA Final O/U 135*3:30 ABC       
Big 10 Final O/U 135*3:30 CBS       
Predators @ Wild 7:30 NBS       
1st Four tba O/U 135*Tue6:00 TRU       
NIT O/U 135*7:00 ESN       
Blues @ Flyers 7:01 NBS       
1st Four tba O/U 135*9:00 TRU       
1st Four tba O/U 135*Wed6:00 TRU       
NIT O/U 135*7:00 ES2       
Pitt @ NYR O/U 5.57:30 NBS       
1st Four tba O/U 135*9:00 TRU       
NASCAR A-H K-ZSun2:00 FOX       
Dallas +4 @ DC4:00 FS1       
LA @ Seattle +37:00 ES2       
NIT O/U 135*Tue7:00 ES2       
NIT O/U 135*Wed9:00 ES2