GridCard ReBoot Preview

26 Jul 2020

Welcome back, Sports. The GridCard really missed you.

NBA players are locked away in the Orlando Bubble. NHL players are gathered in their hubs, and MLB players are playing in empty stadiums--except for the Marlins who are off until Monday after half the team tested positive for Covid 19.

We're cranking up the GridCard again--kind of where we left off--but know there are bound to be hiccups along the way. The GridCard Commissioner reserves the right to make adjustments as we go in an effort to avoid cancelling games. We've all given up a lot already to Covid 19. Losing GridCard points would just be piling on.

So if you're a serious GridCard competitor, make sure you check in after making your picks in case a line swings the other way due to a star testing positive. Or I swap out a different baseball game when an entire team has to be quarantined. Or someone heads to the strip club for wings.

Anyway, be safe, play the GridCard, and hope that at least some college football gets played this fall.