Durant Durant

3 Mar 2022

On January 15 of this year, while playing against the Pelicans, Kevin Durant suffered a sprained medial collateral [MCL] in his left knee. The four to six week timeline for his return ran the full six weeks, but KD returned to the lineup Thursday night just in time to face the top team in the Eastern Conference--the Miami Heat. Durant shot 10-21 for 31 points, but without Kyrie and new acquisition Ben Simmons the Nets fell to Miami 113-107.

TechPicNics did most of the damage on the GridCard. Rico (46) earned the KOTM with his TallBoy, beating out Kara (42/70) who took home the King Kong.  MMc (39) won the PGT Rollover. Seven other players posted Qualifying Scores: Butch (39), kjh98 (39), EricCinTX (38), btalkington20 (36), amcmayonnaise (35),  Jeep Lover 2 (33), and dangerzone (32). 

Team Detwiler swept the first-place PGT 131-115. Team Collins beat VBar 131-118 behind EricCinTX (38) and btalkington20 (36). OG got a big score from Rico (46) and took down and took down TMac 143-109.

Team GridCard

GridCard Basketball Season


           Standings                Record                GB



1.              PGT                         10-8                     --

2.              Team Detwiler         10-8                     --                     

3.              VBar                         9-9                      1

4.              TMac                        9-9                      1

5.              OG Gridders             8-10                    2

6.              Team Collins            8-10                    2