LA Sink Hole

20 Dec 2019

The Los Angeles Lakers dug themselves a huge hole on Thursday night, giving up 42 second-quarter points to the Milwaukee Bucks and trailing at the half 65-46, only to claw their way back to the point spread and get within five with just under :30 to play. But when the Bucks' KCP hit two free throws and Danny Green missed a 3-pointer, Milwaukee escaped with a 111-104 victory and an ATS cover.

Annabelle (43) bet both the Over/Under and the Bucks (-5) on Thursday and came away with the GridCard win, her third Hamlin-Hopper of the year. Annabelle's huge KOTM spoiled rookie Warverine's (40) Tallboy and big scores from LD (39) and btalkington20 (37). Eight other players posted Qualifying Scores and defeated the ProGrid Tour: kjh98 (35), Jkloo (35), Jodyann (34), JeepCreeper (33), csmorgan71 (33), dangerzone (33), GB55 (33), and Butch (32).

MW (31) earned the other QS and won the PGT. Annabelle (67) scored the most points for the week and took home the King Kong, her second KK of the year.