30 Apr 2021

On Wednesday, the Braves beat the Cubs by a touchdown and a field goal, 10-0. On Thursday night, the Cubs returned the drubbing--but missed an extra point. Led by Anthony Rizzo's three hits and behind six strong innings from Adbert Alzolay, Chicago defeated Atlanta 9-3.

On the GridCard, rookie Bradleynip's (42) TallBoy earned King of the Mountain in just his first GridCard Week. Another new player Sapsansow (35/36) put up two big numbers and finished just behind Bradleynip (72) for the King Kong.

Ten other Gridders posted Qualifying Scores: btninja (38), LD (37), Kevin K (33), Lim Lamb (32), Butch (32), KMac (31), ranvilld12 (31), amcmayonnaise (31)--and two ProGrid Tour players AK (32) and csmorgan71 (32), AK winning the PGT on the tiebreaker, 6-3.