No Fault Default

25 Apr 2021

The GridCard's 225 default Over/Under was decidedly more accurate than anything Vegas established this weekend. No scoring in the final :50 of the Knicks' 120-103 win over the Raptors left the final total just Under--while a flurry of scoring in the late stages of the Bucks' 132-94 win against the 76ers unexpectedly reached the Over.  On Sunday, the Celtic @ Hornets total went off at 213, but Charlotte's 135-104 victory toppled both the Vegas and the GridCard line. Vegas missed the mark by 30 points for those three games--the GridCard was off by seven.

MW (43) just missed the Perfect 45 Mirror, Mirror but his TallBoy won the GridCard. Currently ranked tenth in Total GridCard Points, MW's PGT win was his second Hamlin-Hopper of the year. Nine other players posted Qualifying Scores: Winky (39), AK (36), rookie Sapsansow (35), amcmayonnaise (35), Lim Lamb (34), KMac (32), ranvilld12 (31), newcomer Bradleynip (30), and Ace (29).