Scooter Over

20 Jul 2018

The NL trailed the AL 5-3 in the bottom of the ninth of the All-Star game, two outs away from the Under for both runs and hits, when Scooter Gennett connected for a pinch-hit two-run homer, causing a seismic shift of 253 GridCard points. In HR Derby Part II, this year's all-stars slugged a record ten homers, shattering the previous mark of six All-Star homers and power-surging csmorgan71 (40) to his second GridCard win. Picking the Over in All-Star runs, hits, and homers earned csmorgan71 the Man of Steal and set him up for his Second Game win.

The Cubs 9-6 win over the Cardinals on Thursday denied TheDust (35) the Hamlin-Hopper; however he--along with keys (38) and Jeepcreeper (37)--defeated the ProGrid Tour. Heart of a Hooligan (34) took down the PGT Rollover, defeating Teunesto (34) on the second tiebreaker. PensChamps2017 (32) and Jodyann (32) finished just below summerman (33), the only other Qualifying Scores in the Second Game.