Go Boom

27 Nov 2022

Explosive plays have paid dividends for Ohio State all year, but it was Michigan that did the detonating Saturday. Cornelius Johnson caught two J.J. McCarthy touchdown passes in the 2nd quarter, a pass and run from 69-yards out  and a 75-yard bomb. Then, on the opening drive of the 2nd half, McCarthy connected with Colston Loveland for 45 yards and a score. Not to be outdone, Donovan Edwards added rushing TDs of 75 and 85 yards to ice the win, the Wolverines beating the Buckeyes 45-23, winning in Columbus for the first time in over twenty years. 

The GridCard played tough, allowing only five Qualifying Scores. Three of those tied for King of the Mountain: BabyMac (35), KDet047 (35), and Lim Lamb (35). BabyMac earned her third win of the year, KDet047 his fourth, and Lim Lamb posted his sixth KOTM. Guy Green (29) and JD (29) were the other two QSs.

Lots of low scores in Team GridCard as well. Team Detwiler put up the highest team score thanks to KDet047 (35) and LIm Lamb (35), taking down VBar 70-39. The OG beat Team Collins 47-37 behind kjh98 (24), and Kevin K (23). TMac edged Fictionasy 62-58, BabyMac (35) and Offroad Top2. The PGT stayed on top of the standings, beating LFL 54-41 with points from AK (28) and Ricco1947 (26). 

Team GridCard

GridCard Football Season


           Standings                 Record           GB


1.              PGT                          17-6               --

2.              Team Collins            15-8               2             

3.              Team Detwiler         15-8                2

4.              VBar                         13-10             4

5.              Fictionasy                 13-10             4

6.              TMac                        9-14               8               

7.              OG Gridders             8-15               9           

8.              LFL                           7-16              10