Alpha Home-Dog

14 Oct 2018

The three biggest home-dogs of the First Game--LSU, Virginia, and Iowa State--took down No. 2, No. 6, and No. 16--Georgia, West Virginia, and Miami. Oregon upset No. 7 Washington and Memphis won ATS while losing to No. 10 UCF 31-30. 

But it was a late Wisconsin TD that decided the First Game, toppling the Over in UM's 38-13 drubbing of the Badgers and pushing KLC (37) past Nutmeg (34) on the GridCard. This was KLC's first GC win--he earned a King Kong in Week 39.

Zeke (36),  csmorgan71 (35), and KMac (32) picked up WPNs against the ProGrid Tour which was won by macs detail (31)--his first PGT win. Four other players put up Qualifying Scores: KDet047 (31), Rico (31), and Ace (29).