11 Sep 2022


What is The GridCard Football League?

Team Fantasy Football is an entirely new way to play fantasy sports where instead of drafting individual players, you pick winners against the point spread. And instead of playing just as an individual, you can also compete as part of a team. Teams go head-to-head each week in The GridCard Football League The top two scores count for each team. The ProGrid Tour has won the inaugural GridCard Basketball and GridCard Baseball titles. Will you field the first team to knock them off?


What’s the GridCard?

The GridCard is a sportsbook competition based on the most exciting of all sports bets—the parlay card. Players assign confidence points to their picks—office-pool style—in two separate weekly games. The First Game features college football games and usually ends Saturday night. The Second Game starts with Sunday’s NFL games and ends with Thursday Night Football. Players can choose their own winners or use AutoPick which randomly places 22 bets across 34 nationally-televised games.


Do you have to know players’ stats and schedules to play?

You don’t even have to know football to play and win the GridCard. Each bet is 50-50, and because there are so many bets, AutoPick wins as often as it doesn’t. You can research your picks for hours if you want, but each week there are two new games—and in 3-4 seconds you’re all set to take on the so-called experts. Fantasy football takes commitment. The GridCard takes three clicks.


What does it cost to play?

It doesn’t cost anything to play the GridCard or to enter a team in the first ever GridCard Football League. For now, teams are allowed an unlimited roster so the more players on your team, the better you’ll do. Playing the GridCard can promote a sense of community and help establish a rapport among staff, customers, family and friends. Lowell’s First Look will be publishing the weekly results so businesses can also increase their on-line presence just by playing.


What do I need to do?

Just choose a Team Name and submit a roster. Direct friends, family, staff and customers to sign up and play at then submit their usernames at [email protected] by September 1, 2022 to guarantee a spot.