Blake Lively

6 Jun 2021

The head-to-head matchup between Giannis (34) and KD (29) went to Antetokounmpo. And James Harden left the game early with an injury. But Brooklyn had a secret weapon--Blake Griffin--who finished with 18 points and 14 rebounds and played smothering defense which helped hold the Bucks to just 17 fourth quarter points as the Nets beat the Bucks 115-107 to take Gm1. 

On the GridCard, dangerzone (38) was King of the Mountain, picking up his second win of the year. A GOTY runner-up two years ago, dangerzone got a small measure of revenge against Dano (36). Lots of scoring in Gm45. Twelve other players posted Qualifying Scores: ProGrid Tour winner Teunesto (35), KDet047 (34), MMc (34), Annabelle (34), GB55 (33), Butch (33), macs detail (32), Ace (31), Mr. Jake 50 (31), amcmayonnaise (31), Lim Lamb (30), and MW (30).