Off the Marc

27 Jan 2019

The GridCard finale between the Warriors and Celtics featured twenty-one lead changes. But neither Marcus Smart nor Marcus Morris could knockdown a 3-pointer in the finals seconds for Lead Change 22, and Golden State escaped with a 115-111 victory over Boston. 

A pair of original PGT players--Zeke (38) and Dano (38)--rode the Warriors and collected GridCard wins. This was Zeke's first Hamlin-Hopper of the year and Dano's second win in just seven games.

Six other players posted Qualifying Scores: amcmayonnaise (33), hollis07 (32),  kjh98 (32), TheDust (29), JohnnyRan (29), and keyz (29). Each of these Gridders also and earned wins over the ProGrid Tour where no player managed a QS.