Walk-In Closer

7 Aug 2022

With two out in the top of the ninth and the score tied 0-0, Tigers' closer Juan Soto appeared to be on his was to an uneventful appearance. Then the inning turned eventful. After Mejia doubled and Siri walked to load the bases, the wheels came off for the Tiger two-time all-star. He walked in two runs, then gave way to Jason Foley who gave up three hits, Tampa Bay tacking on five more runs for the 7-0 win. 

On the GridCard, dangerzone (36) won the PGT and finished King of the Mountain, dangerzone's first KOTM of the year. Kevin Harvick decided the ProGrid Tour, Ricco1947 (32) on the wrong side in NASCAR. Nine other players posted Qualifying Scores: Nutmeg (35), Winky (34), tinksdust (33),  KDet047 (32), macs detail (30), Lim Lamb (30) and Jodyann (31), MMc (29), and Mr. NickJC (29).

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