Bryce Is Right

16 Aug 2019

The Cubs were leading by four in the bottom of the ninth when an error by shortstop David Bote opened the door for the Phillies. Two runs, three hits, and one HBP later, Bryce Harper launched a 413-foot grand slam HR, toppling the Over and winning for the Phillies 7-5. Harper's walk-off gave mac (41) another GridCard win, his second in three games. Held without a win in 2018, mac posted a (37) in the First Game to go with his TallBoy to win the week and take the King Kong (78).

The Second Game played tough as shank, giving up only five other Qualifying Scores: summerman (39), October Cherokee (35), KMac (31), dangerzone (31), and Annabelle (31). All of the above Gridders earned WPNs as well when nobody on the short-handed ProGrid Tour managed a QS.