Heidi Sequel

27 Dec 2021

In November of 1968, NBC cut away from the game between the Raiders and the Jets to broadcast the film Heidi and missed Oakland scoring two touchdowns in the final two minutes to beat New York. On Sunday, CBS cut away from the Steelers @ Chiefs with the Over/Under very much up for grabs in order to go out to "a more competitive game." Unfortunately, the new game featured nothing more than Las Vegas taking a knee against Denver and  running out the final two minutes. CBS came back to the original game but missed some key plays, the Under hanging on as KC beat Pittsburgh 36-10. 

On the GridCard, the Under elevated keyz (40) to King of the Mountain. The TallBoy by keyz earned him his second KOTM of the year in the penultimate GridCard game of the season. Only four other field players posted Qualifying Scores: MrNickJC (37), Lim Lamb (35), KMac (33), and Jkloo (29). On the ProGrid Tour, Teunesto (30) edged out Ricco1947 (30) on the tiebreaker 6-5.