Arkansas Seesaw

25 Sep 2022

Arkansas jumped out to a 14-0 lead on Texas A&M after the first quarter, but the Aggies responded, scoring 23 unanswered points in the next two periods. In the final stanza, the Razorbacks got a 6-yard TD run from KJ Jefferson to cut the lead to 2 with ten minutes left. But when Cam Little missed from 42 yards out with under two minutes left, the seesaw game settled right on the points spread--Texas A&M (+2) escaping Arkansas 23-21.

The GridCard played tough, allowing only four Qualifying Scores--but someone forgot to tell Lowell's First Look.  LFL Teammate maryalene (38) edged out tinksdust (34) and picked up her first King of the Mountain, both players--and Nutmeg (30)--earning WPNs for beating ProGrid Tour winner MMc (29).

Lots of low scores in Team GridCard as well. With the Top2 Gm75 scores, maryalene (38) and tinksdust (34) led LFL to an easy win over TMac 72-54. Team Detwiler nipped Team Collins 48-47, behind Mr. Jake 50 (25) and KDet047 (23). VBar beat the shorthanded OG 45-35, LD (25) and Butch (20) leading the way. And the PGT had their worst game of the young season but got scores from MMc (29) and AK (26) to slip past Fictionasy 55-50 and stay unbeaten.     

Team GridCard

GridCard Football Season


           Standings                 Record            GB


1.              PGT                          5-0                   --

2.              Team Detwiler          3-2                   2

3.              LFL                           3-2                   2                

4.              VBar                         3-2                   2             

5.              Fictionasy                 2-3                   3

6.              TMac                        2-3                   3               

7.              Team Collins            2-3                   3              

8.              OG Gridders             1-4                   4