Pair of Red Sox Wins

25 Oct 2018

With forty seconds to play and no timeouts, the Giants were one yard away from a backdoor cover against the Falcons--a meaningless score poised to burn 125 GridCard points.

Inexplicably, Eli Manning tried to sneak it in but was snuffed--35, 34, 33 seconds. . . . After unpiling and quickly setting up, Eli tried again--short! Ten seconds, 9, 8, 7. . . .With five seconds left, Eli just got the pass off--connecting with OBJ in the back of the endzone to scorch Atlanta ATS--the week's heaviest GridCard Index--3.03--going down in flames.

Heavy betting on the Red Sox helped give Ace (46) his fifth GridCard win of the year. But ultimately, it was a single Ticker that provided the margin of victory for Ace against ranvilld12 (45) when the Dolphins @ Texans went past the Over.  That same Ticker decided the ProGrid Tour, Teunesto (39) beating out MMc (38). Only two WPNs were surrendered by the PGT for the entire week. However, ranvilld12 (76) did win the week--her fourth King Kong of the year. 

Eight other Gridders posted Qualifying Scores: KMac (37), mac (36), csmorgan71 (35), jocko (33), Kuitbl (32), CraigW (32), summerman (32), and Dano (32).