Late Knight Show

5 Jan 2019

UCF hung with LSU all game, then scored late and added the two-point conversion to close to 40-32 and push 97 GridCard points to the trash heap. OSU sent Urban Meyer out with a win against Washington--but not before turning a 28-3 fourth quarter lead into a 28-23 loss ATS. And Utah couldn't hold a 20-3 halftime lead, giving up 4 third-quarter TDs to Northwestern and losing outright 31-20. 

Three Gridders negotiated these games successfully and collected GridCard wins: Dano (35), JohnnyRan (35), and AFED (35) each picking up his second Hamlin-Hopper--AFED winning the ProGrid Tour, a Rollover Win which paid double. Meanwhile, TheDust (75) put up the first ever three-week King Kong sweep, finishing 2018 on an incredible rush.

Five other players posted Qualifying Scores: Kevin K (34), JeepCreeper (33), summerman (32), btninja (31)--and the aforementioned TheDust (32).