Hurry Up and Win

1 Nov 2020

With under ten minutes left in the 4th quarter and leading the Wolverines by three, the Spartans took over on their own eight yard line and began a quite remarkable, clutch, game winning-drive. It cover 92 yards in 11 plays and featured some unexpected and effective hurry-up offense. Rocky Lombardi threw seven passes and also unexpectedly completed six of them, the last one a 13-yarder to Connor Heyward for the TD. Michigan added a late touchdown but the Spartans prevailed 27-24.

KLC (36) earned the Hamlin-Hopper with his first GridCard win of the year. KLC's King of the Mountain was another win for AutoPick. While Teunesto (29) won the ProGrid Tour, only three other players posted Qualifying Scores: kjh98 (34), Dano (31), and Kara (30)--and each of these Gridders also picked up a WPN for defeating the PGT.